The following describes the various membership types as illustrated in the constitution. Please contact the secretariat should you have further questions regarding any issues.

Become a MemberRegister

Persons who possess a recognized Degree in Landscape Architecture and who have been a GRADUATE of a professional Institute for a minimum of 3 consecutive years, who have satisfied the Council of their relevant, varied experience in the practice of landscape architecture in the manner as set out in the Institutes Constitution, OR who are fully qualified and practicing members of an IFLA recognised Landscape Architectural Institute and have been professionally engaged in the practice of Landscape Architecture in Singapore for at least 1 year are eligible for Full Membership.

Register your Practice Register

Persons, who are in the categories of Fellow or Member, and also active directors of a Landscape Architectural private practice or head of LA department of design consultancy firm may apply for their company or department to be a Recognised Practice registered with SILA. The nominated director or head of the department must be an active full time director of the company and resident in Singapore.

If the Director of the LA firm or head of the LA department of the design consultancy firm is not a SILA Member or Fellow, he needs 8 years of experience in LA design works and 80% of the staff needs to be SILA Member in order to be eligible for the recognized practice application. Application procedure: submission of organization chart, portfolio, company description and history.

Types of membership


Persons who have been a MEMBER for an uninterrupted period of 8 years who satisfy the Council that they have advanced the standards of landscape architecture; demonstrated their devotion and service to the institution and have brought honour to the institution and profession are eligible for Fellowship to the organisation.

Graduate Member

Graduates of the Institute shall be persons who possess a recognised Degree in Landscape Architecture and have less than 3 years of professional experience working as landscape architect in Singapore. Graduate members who are not working in SILA Recognised Practice are strongly encouraged seek out mentorship from a SILA Full Member with the objective of gaining sufficient experience in the wide range of disciplines required to apply for Full Member.

Affiliate Member

Persons working in related fields or profession, those who have a keen interest in landscape design, and the environmental matters, who is undergoing a course of study in Landscape Architecture, or in a related field at a recognised tertiary institution of learning.

Membership Fees

An application is considered complete only when the membership form is duly completed; the full fee (a onetime registration fee, administration fee; and the first year subscription fee) and copies of professional qualification certificates are attached.