Key Thrusts

The Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) is a non-profit organisation representing the Landscape Architectural professional in Singapore. It was established in 1985 to advance the science and art of Landscape Architecture and the theory and practice of landscape, environmental, and urban design; to promote research and education therein; and to create and maintain a high standard of professional qualification.

SILA has put in place three key thrusts in 2010 in order to achieve value within the institute:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Business Development
  3. Research and Education Support
Professional Development

SILA will focus raising design standards and keeping members informed with professional best practices, environmental issues, key initiatives and guidelines critical to advance the design and practice of landscape architecture. SILA intends to advance the professional development of practitioners to achieve a higher standard of practice; benchmark against established international professional institutes. Local practicing landscape architects will be registered and certified with SILA through the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program to ensure continuous learning and professional development. SILA endeavours to develop professional landscape architects in Singapore to attain greater regional and international exposure.

Business Development

SILA will cooperate in developing the business capabilities of our SILA Recognized Practice(s) in Singapore, raising their profiles to attain greater representation locally, regionally and internationally. SILA hopes to create a well-integrated and established network not only within the landscape industry, but also among key stakeholders and partners abroad. Our business development plans will assist our landscape professional practices in profiling the highest standards of work and design. SILA Recognized Practice(s) would greatly benefit from this thrust as SILA strives to assist promising practices to achieve potential clientele through an enhanced network in the design and landscape industry. In 2010, SILA joined seven other professional institutes to form DesignS network, an alliance under the initiative of DesignSingapore, to collectively market and launch the design professions of Singapore to overseas market.

Research and Education Support

SILA believes in continuous learning and innovation, supporting the education sector to grow and nurture future leaders of the profession. In collaborating with tertiary institutions, and working closely with them to explore ways to inspire students. SILA will help to advance the learning of the practice of landscape architecture. The educational thrust focus on the development of the student member and will work to strengthen the communication platform between academia and professional practice. SILA believes that an open channel of communication and mutual engagement between the two sectors of the profession will be mutually beneficial, to advance the profession to higher standards of education, and to establish greater possibilities for graduates.