Our President, Mr Damian Tang has recently been appointed as President of IFLA Asia-Pacific region

16 September 2015



Singapore, 7 September 2015 – Mr Damian Tang was elected as the new President of the Asia-Pacific Region International Federation of Landscape Architects

IFLA Asia-Pacific Region

Dear IFLA delegates and members of IFLA Asia-Pacific Region,

Thank you

Thank you very much for your nomination and elected me as your IFLA APR President for the term ahead. We are very fortunate to have many good leaders amongst us. With Dato Ismail, our beloved IFLA APR President, who humbly relieved his post to give opportunities for other successors, demonstrated generosity and vision for the growth of our profession. And with many keen support and nomination for Prof. Kim, we know his leadership is one that our region could not do without and proved vital to the academia future of IFLA APR. And to other humble leaders out there, your contributions have definitely provided the foundation for IFLA growth til today.

So what can we do better from here?

Know ourselves in SWOT Analysis

As your newly appointed leader for the region, I thought the first thing to say would be first for all of us to know ourselves as a region better. To do a stock take. The only way to propel our region forward is to work together as a one, and to know ourselves collectively as one. Hence, it is not surprising why we often employed Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) analysis on projects but forgot to examine ourselves or our organisation management based on our evolution. I will not share my lengthy SWOT analysis here but will do so with our regional delegates at the next 2015 IFLA regional congress in Lombok, Indonesia.

With the knowledge of our strengths, weakness of our limitations in effective communications from world, region to national associations level; coupled with the threats of global competing interests and younger generation of landscape architects lacking awareness in what we do; it is important to seize the opportunities we have and leverage on our strength as a prestigious regional entity.

Breadth and depth of APR

My invitation for all of us is simple: spread the base and deepen our roots. This is to establish a much more trusted relationships with our members, students, partners, prospects and even non-members for sustainability. And we will continue to strengthen our fundamentals in governance structure. We will implement few simple financial mechanisms and different approaches in outreach. We will embrace and invite different professions into our collaborative platforms. What is even more important, these frameworks and mechanisms would also be linked and used to empower each national associations to take it on and grow your own profession through a more connected regional network with reliability.

Our Commitment

We will not be doing many things. And we do not need to spend more. But we would be focused in what we do. We would ensure every bit of our efforts make a difference and do not go to waste.

Lastly, I want all of us to believe that IFLA Asia-Pacific Region is on a fast progressive trajectory built on the foundation and commitment of all of you. And beyond our region, I rely on your support and partnership to serve in IFLA World EXCO to strengthen our profession globally.

I wish IFLA the brightest future.

Best regards,
Damian Tang
President, SILA (2010-2016)
President , IFLA APR (2015-2017)

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