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Professional Design
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Gold Award
Project      : ITE College West Campus, Singapore

Institute of Technical Education
(Gammon Construction Pte Ltd)

Landscape Architect
Sitetectonix Pte. Ltd

DP Architects Pte Ltd

Main Contractor
Gammon Construction Pte Ltd

Softscape Contractor
Exklusive Landscape Pte Ltd

Concept Design
  • The landscape concept expresses and gives physicality to the "Waves of Transformation" motto of ITE West in a series of varied garden spaces and evolving experiences when users move through and along the site from North to South.
  • Enhancing the placement of buildings with the most significant and prominent facing the north of the site, a series of sweeping waving curves creates a forecourt to the Centre for Service Excellence and the main Auditorium.
  • The naturalistic and organic forms towards the South of the site and the fluid sweep of the North terracing echoes the rolling terrain of the site as it moves up from the North and down into the South Sports Village while integrating Universal Design Principles.
  • The overall character of the landscape is designed to imbue different senses of grandness and formality; playfulness and excitement; serenity and tranquillity; wilderness and nature. Within these overall parameters, the landscape is conceived as a series of garden rooms in a progression through the linear site with the design for each distinguished by specific purpose.
  • For the project ITE College West Campus, the entire Hardscape, Water feature and Softscape for the external areas of the whole site was designed, documented and supervised by the Landscape Architect.
  • The various facilities and landscape gardens integrated in the campus at various levels are :- North Plaza Entry; Events Plaza; Garden of Origins; Art Garden; Code Garden; The Flower Garden; Terrace Garden; Sky Lobby Garden and Outlook Garden.
  • The entry North Plaza garden exudes a sense of grand dignity and formality consistent with creating a strong first impression.
  • The events plaza is a place of gathering and excitement where during large events, the steps form informal spectator seating around the base Oval which becomes a performance stage.
  • The interior courtyards named Art and Code gardens are spaces that provide repose, facilitate small groups gathering and also provide a sense of oasis within the school environment.
Environmental Sensitivity and Sustainability
  • A wide variety of places were used to increase the bio-diversity of the site.
  • Large trees with broad canopies were proposed to provide shade and comfort.
  • Plants are carefully selected in respond to the spaces designed for various function and activities programmed.
Judges' Citation
This scheme presents an exciting public space design for the ITE school campus. The landscape concept underscores the pedagogical principle of a campus where learning extends beyond the confines of the classrooms. The original contours of the site was analyzed and ingeniously translated into cascading layers of acommunity into the college ground. The lush environment created through the planting, reflecting pools, water features and green walls formed a conducive environment for learning.

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