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Tampines Greenridges



The vision for Tampines North, an extensive ‘new town’ on Singapore’s hot north eastern plains was to facilitate new communities enjoying a healthy balance of daily amenities and neighbourhood services within an immediately liveable environment. Playing on the local Tampines history of quarrying and farming, the overall masterplan and landscape sought to shape the new townscape with subtle level changes to articulate a series of green roofs, corridors, parks and avenues that would link the entire district.

GreenRidges is the first new public housing precinct within the new town, Tampines North, accommodating over a thousand households distributed across 15 high-rise apartment towers. The landscape embodies the much loved aspiration of living in a green environment. This new estate explicitly promotes close bonds, with pervasive greens and flower colours articulating arrival entrances, walking routes and gardens throughout. These shared areas strengthened a growing sense of community-focused living and social relations.

Landscape Architect

ICN Design International

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