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Balance Your Way Through An Adventure!

Twenty-five meters above ground, the taut netting walkway brings a whole new perspective – by marrying engineering design to nature, the visitors get a unique view of the architectural concept.

There used to be a time when the only reason to go to an airport was to travel or to pick up or drop somebody off. No longer, and especially at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Already one of the world’s most important hubs, the airport terminal has now become a destination in itself.

The brief for JEWEL at Terminal 1 was an architectural and engineering challenge and it was met by stretching more than just imagination. KOMPAN, the leading playground manufacturer, has pioneered innovative ways of turning new materials into play objects. However, the Corocord rope netting that children clamber up all around the world has never been more imaginatively employed than in the terminal’s Canopy Park.

The 50 meters net, secured 25 meters above the ground, is geometrically twisted into interesting curves, dips, and peaks. For visitors, the fine mesh allows them to walk and view the world below and around them from an entirely surreal perspective.

From design to miniature model creation to completion, KOMPAN brought the concept to reality.

Design concept, KOMPAN Design Studio

The KOMPAN Design Studio (Berlin & Singapore) and the KOMPAN Singapore team worked closely to create this unique and landmark structure for JEWEL Changi.

Model of the Jewel, KOMPAN Design Studio

At first sight, the walking net seems steady and firm, like a standard flooring structure. It is only when you take your first steps, that you feel the sensation and excitement that the thrill of walking suspended 25m over the ground brings. You dare to look down, but you also look around and get a whole new perspective on how the architects took building technology to an artistic level.

Entrance of the walking net

As you get used to the organic movement of the net, confidence and comfort grows, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the great view of JEWEL from the highest point – just make sure your mobile is zipped tightly inside your backpack!

As for the younger visitors, JEWEL staff are always present to guide them around the nets safely, yet allowing them to enjoy the entire experience. It’s a walk they’ll never forget.

KOMPAN is not just about play. The Danish-based company, celebrating it’s’ 50th year, has from day one married art to play and realized how they can combine to be a building block for healthy communities. Play is essential for physical and mental stimulation, and playgrounds are where people socialize and develop, turning housing into homes. Nature too has a calming effect and the combination of net walking and greenery just might make the next eight hours couped up in a pressurized cabin that little bit more tolerable.

KOMPAN's innovative craftsmanship has brought the safe, yet challenging, play structure to JEWEL Singapore. It is not only the playground that tourists and visitors can enjoy and experience, but also the perfect combination of JEWEL’s modern and natural design.

In JEWEL, art and nature have blended perfectly together. The arch-shaped building integrates natural ecology and human ingenuity. The immersive experience provided by many scenic spots also rewrite the definition of airport and create long-lasting memories for all visitors. KOMPAN is proud to have been a partner of JEWEL and we look forward to contributing to more iconic and landmark installations in future!


Jewel Changi Airport is designed by: Safdie Architects, USA RSP Architects Planners, Singapore Jewel Changi Airport Dev Pte. Ltd. WOH HUP - General Contractor, Singapore Officium, Stuttgart KOMPAN Design Studio Berlin & Asia

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