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Important Announcement: Introduction of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme for SILA Full Members
Circulation Date: Apr 04, 2024

We are excited to announce a significant development following the survey conducted in December 2023 and the subsequent discussions held during the AGM 2024.


Beginning in 2025, SILA will be introducing a new initiative aimed at enhancing professional development within our community:


Requirement for FULL Members (Non-accredited):

FULL members (Non-accredited) will be required to accumulate 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points annually for membership renewal.


No Change for Accredited LA:

For the ACCREDITED + FULL members, the requirement remains at 20 CPD points yearly.


Maximum Carry Forward and Grace Period:

Members will be allowed to carry forward a maximum of 5 CPD points for extra credits.

Additionally, a 2-month grace period will be granted for members unable to meet the CPD requirements within the specified timeframe.


How to Earn CPD Points:

CPD points can be earned by attending events, courses, or actively participating in SILA events or organizational committees.


Furthermore, CPD points can be earned by speaking at conferences, guest lecturing at universities, and more. Detailed guidelines on earning CPD points can be found at 


CPD Events Information:

CPD events can be found at

Under Tab: CPD for Renewal -> CPD Events List of particular year


The CPD programme is imperative for SILA members to stay updated on valuable information as you build your expertise and careers. Our educational resources are designed to empower landscape professionals and inspire the design of solutions for a fast-evolving world.


We believe that this CPD initiative will not only support your professional development and networking but also play a significant role in advancing our industry. Together, we can harness our collective influence to drive change, not only within Singapore but also around the world.


Thank you for your continued support and dedication to SILA. We look forward to embarking on this journey of growth and development together.


Best Regards,

Ashley Sun

Honorary Secretary 2023-2025

SILA - Payment Mode Update
Circulation Date: Apr 07, 2021

Dear SILA Members,          
Following up from our Annual General Meeting held on 30th March 2021, we would like to reiterate on the terms of membership payment: 


  1. Payment by cash and cheque shall NOT be accepted. 

  2. Preferred modes are: 

    • Interbank transfer (Invoice number must be listed in the transfer description)

    • PayNow (Invoice number must be listed in the transfer description

    • Credit Card via GlueUp (service/admin fees are to be borne by payer)

  3. All members are reminded to verify and check their invoice for amount payable. Do note that there will be no refund for any overpayment. 

Please email SILA Secretariat at ( if you have further inquiries. Thank you for your continued support for SILA.


Yours sincerely,

Audrey Xu Jingyi
Honorary Treasurer 2021 - 2023  
Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects

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