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The Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) is a non-profit organization representing the Landscape Architectural professional in Singapore. It was established in 1985 to advance the science and art of Landscape Architecture and the theory and practice of landscape, environmental, and urban design; to promote research and education therein; and to create and maintain a high standard of professional qualification.​


  • To provide an accreditation framework and assessment in order to ensure a high level of professional practice

  • To promote excellence in design and practice by strengthening the training, education and skill development in Singapore

  • To be a channel for a comprehensive range of programs and activities that will be of interest to its members and the design sector

  • To play an integral role as a professional body to advice government, industry, academia and the community about landscape design

  • To represent a congruent view and the interests of the design collective to government regulatory bodies, economic development agencies, business, academia, and the public

  • To establish, uphold and enforce a high level of professional conduct amongst landscape architect

  • To provide a platform for authoritative design research, knowledge and dissemination of information relating to the profession and industry



  • To inspire and lead the creation of sustainable urban landscapes.

  • Bring built environment professions together in the design and development of landscapes with high population density and a significant built environment to meet the needs of present and future generations, and meaningfully address socio-ecological challenges.


  • The constitution captures the fundamental principles and established precedents according to which the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects is acknowledged to be governed. The constitution was most recently updated on the 13th of July 2017.

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