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The Four Strategic Pillars

in Design

Create and promote the integration of urban environments and complex natural systems through responsible, innovative and resilient designs.

Establish knowledge depository for LAs and built environment professionals to inspire innovation

• Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards (SLAA)

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

• Data collection – trends & issues


Elevate the perception and value of Landscape Architects to the government, built environment professionals and the public through effective communication. - Outreach focus

• SILA representation - ITM

• Create & publicise terms & conditions for the use of term “Landscape Architect”

• Establish LA’s scope of services

• Marketing strategies for LA

• Establish wide network of allies

• Business mission

• Industry/Corporate/Regional  partnership

Training & Development

Inspire established and aspiring Landscape Architects to grow talent base through effective academic programmes, capability development and mentoring.

• SILA Academy

• LA Future

• Student Design Awards

• IHL Landscape Sector Coordination Team (SCT) Meeting

• Establish platform for CPD

• Lobby financial support for development of LA talent base

• Support full-time BLA & MLA

• Educational collaboration

• Apprenticeship