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Landscape Architects are individuals who have studied, trained and become qualified to enter the profession of Landscape Architecture.

This profession, and its representative body, the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects, is dedicated to participate actively in the landscape aspects of urban and rural planning, policy, design, implementation of projects, education and research. Landscape Architects will work with organisations, governments, companies, institutions and other professionals from related disciplines to improve and conserve the condition of built and natural environments of all kinds and in all places.

To be worthy of the title Landscape Architect, a high level of personal integrity and seriousness of manner is required. This is demonstrated by upholding high standards of behaviour and diplomacy, and by being competent, skillful and assured by proven experience.

These high standards, required throughout the working life of professional Landscape Architects, are guided by the Constitution of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA), and the SILA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

The Landscape Architect is expected to show his or her professional capabilities and integrity by self-discipline in work and lifestyle. Landscape Architects need to be straightforward, transparent and honest in their interaction with colleagues, clients, authorities, other professions, contractors, institutions and society as a whole.

Whilst there is limited framework for disciplinary action within the Constitution, a professional Landscape Architect should be guided by the spirit of the Code, as much as by its express terms. Landscape Architects need to be aware that it is deemed un-professional to demonstrate

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