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Don't Miss Out on these Activities - 2020

Upcoming activities 

Notifications and updates and will be pushed out to you as the upcoming event calendar gets populated by SILA and other agencies & associated organizations.


·        Membership renewal 2020 until 31st January (grace period)


·        NUS Bachelor in Landscape Architecture - Application Opens


·        SILA AGM2020 (tentative date 19th March 2020). Our annual gathering of the profession for our annual stock taking. There will be key appointments up for election. 

·        NUS Bachelor in Landscape Architecture - Open House


·        World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM). An international celebration of Landscape Architecture.

·        NUS Bachelor in Landscape Architecture - Interview


·        SILA LA Future Build-With-Heart 2.0. A ground-up initiative cum community-build project. Our pilot run was a great success, thus we will be doing it again! Looking forward to your participation and sponsorship!

·        President's Design Award 2020 Awards Ceremony

·        Singapore Garden Festival 2020. Some of our SILA members are slated to be involved in this biennial showcase. Do keep a keen look out for our involvement and the special venue next coming July! 

·        LA Accreditation - Call for applications


·        57th International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) World Congress. (13-15 August 2020). Remember when we hosted the IFLA WC 2018 in Singapore? Join us this year, as SILA members travel en masse up north to George Town, Penang, Malaysia for this annual international conference. By the way, thinking of presenting your projects or research? The Call for Abstract has been extended to the 31st January.


·        LA Accreditation - Written Examinations

·        International Built Environment Week (1-4th September)


·        LA Accreditation - Oral Examinations

·        SILA Student Design Awards 2020

·        DesignAsia Landscape Architecture Forum (tentatively 6-8th October)

November-December 2020

·        SILA35 - Narratives of LAs of SG A celebration of Landscape Architecture in Singapore on SILA's 35th Anniversary

·        SILA Membership, LA Accreditation & ABC Waters Professionals Renewal

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