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Playpoint at GSC Mall

As indoor playgrounds gain traction in building buzz for retail and commercial establishments, Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) conceived its first PlayPlus cinema playground in collaboration with playground specialist Playpoint at GSC The Mall, Mid Valley South Key in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

PlayPlus is GSC’s new sub-brand that aims to entertain, empower and inspire audience through “edutainment”. Imagination is first sparked at the lounge’s King Crawler. Kids imagine themselves exploring the cave-like play area looking for treasures on different levels of the maze before finding themselves climbing up to the sparkly Gem Rock structure framed by a geometric shelter and sliding down to mark the end of their mission.

A core element of the design is to articulate bringing outdoor play indoors. To do this, designers for Playpoint’s second cinema playground created a tree house along the steps of the theatre that acts as a hideout and secret meeting point for kids to meet and discuss their adventure plan. The journey begins walking through a “forest” and meandering across a wobbly but safe bridge before reaching a wood-framed platform and making their way down a tube slide and into the ball pit.

Taking into consideration the limited space provided for play, Playpoint’s designers successfully fashioned a space-saving vertical playground while maximising the fun quotient.

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