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Ethnobotany Garden (Singapore Botanic Gardens)



Ethnobotany Garden opened in June 2018. The themed garden serves as a visitor destination, a hands-on activity facility for the community, and a place of research, showcasing the historical introduction of ornamental and crop plant species and their uses among the early settlers and indigenous tribes of Singapore. The garden, which is designed as a depiction of an informal traditional village or kampong, contains the Centre for Ethnobotany, providing an interpretive exhibition of interactive displays, artefacts, and other material related to the historical use of plants for food, medicine, construction, and other purposes. In addition to its place among other themed gardens of the Botanic Gardens, the Ethnobotany Garden furnishes the public with a strong understanding of the Gardens’ important historical role in the introduction and advancement of many plants of economic value to the region.

The assignment began with a thorough investigation of the site, which contained a significant number of existing trees, and this was combined with research into local ethnobotanic history to develop a proper context and storyline for the garden and a comprehensive list of plants and their functions. Working with experts from the Botanic Gardens (SBG) and the National Parks Board (NParks), the design team formed a plan composed of zones displaying the various ways that plants were used by inhabitants of kampongs in Singapore and the Malaysian peninsula.

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