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Corporate Affiliate Member Feature: Playpoint

Established in 2001, Playpoint is leading playground and fitness consultancy firm specialising in playground design, fitness equipment and outdoor park furnishing. Playpoint combines form and function to create functional art that is iconic and fun.

As a premier turnkey specialist of playgrounds in Southeast Asia, Playpoint is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Our projects vary from public housing, condominiums, parks, malls, hotels and resorts and schools. We constantly break new grounds in presenting new perspectives to how playgrounds and fitness areas embody art and play. We are humbled by our accolades that we receive.

Our services include conceptualisation and design, equipment installation and after-sales services. With Playpoint’s extensive years of experience in this industry since 2001, our team is well-positioned to manage the changing needs and demands of the market. We curate to offer unique and exciting experience for both children and adults, making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.

At Playpoint, we believe in promoting sustainability and giving back to society through donating used playgrounds. By doing so, Singapore playgrounds get a new lease of life in places where such built infrastructure are rare. Childhood memories are priceless and we hope to bring joy and laughter to underprivileged children and put a smile on their faces.

HIAM Health Centre (situated in East Timor) : Playground allows children living in this malnutrition rehabilitation centre and around the neighbourhood to have a safe place to play instead of playing in the streets or in drains.

Krang Kandal Primary School (situated in Cambodia) : Students are excited to experience installation of the first playground in their school.

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