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East Coast Park Upgrading

East Coast Park has undergone a face lift to provide more open spaces and amenities for the public to enjoy. The three key nodes namely Goldkist, Raintree Cove and Big Splash will have extensive green roofs covering most of the structures.

PlanterCell® VegaMat system, a very lightweight green roof vegetated mat were installed on lightweight structures such as metal roofs, linkways and pavilions.

While PlanterCell® 30 green roof systems were installed on concrete roofs of the bin centre, water pump building and shelter to accommodate bigger and lusher shrubs.

During COVID-19 CB, maintenance was impossible to carry out. After more than 3 months, the green roofs have transformed and become naturalized by Mother Nature. Natural beauty at its best.


The former Goldkist Chalets have been transformed into a new bicycle park with "cycle-through" food and beverage offerings, workshop spaces and cycling circuits.

At Raintree Cove, the former location of the iconic Long Beach Main Seafood Restaurant is converted into open lawns for sporting or leisure activities

At Big Splash, the existing building will be revamped and converted into a vertical playground with water slides.


PlanterCell VegaMat

PlanterCell® VegaMat is a lightweight hygroscopic green roof composite mat which incorporates multifunctional water retention and and filter layers to form a flexible vegetated blanket, ready for installation over existing or new roof structures without any secondary substrate growing medium. Organic soilless planting media is use in the pre-growing process. This mat system can be easily cut to conform to any sizes and shapes of the roof structures.


Planter Cell 30

PlanterCell® 30 is a lightweight and high strength water retention and drainage tray that can be applied both as a green roof system or a sub-soil drainage system. The sturdiness of the tray supports the weight of the water stored in its cells, planting mix, plants and human traffic.

The tray, manufactured from recycled polypropylene raw material using injection moulding process, has 81 cells, acting as reservoirs with water storage capacity of approx. 8.80 l/m2 to keep plants nourished via capillary action, reducing irrigation frequency needed when applied as a green roof system. The holes on the ridge between the rows of cells, serves to discharge water when applied as a sub-soil drainage system.

The tray interlocks together to form a sturdy platform for planting or for drainage purpose.

The system consists of the tray, PlanterCell® Planting Mix and Insu® Felt as a separation layer between the planting media and the cells to prevent clogging of the reservoirs.


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