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Ronnie Tan - Looking towards the year 2020

Hope that everyone is starting to wind down for the year and looking forward to the festive season. We know that sometimes the year-end can actually be a peak for work, as clients try to get in their to-do-list for us before they themselves go on their break. Well, try not to let it be too much of a bummer to your festivities. We are going to round off the year too with this newsletter, letting you in briefly on what went on and what is upcoming.

Every year the scope of work, in which the institute involves ourself in, increases. This year has been hectic for SILA. The key work completed being the biennial Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards 2019 in September followed by a feverish preparation and presentation to the Future Economy Council Built Environment Sub-Cluster Committee on SILA’s Industry Transformation Plan.

Continually, SILA strategic pillar leaders and their sub-committees managed various aspects of the institute’s work, from raising awareness of the profession, keeping accreditation and practise standards, to looking at how we can maintain a sustainable professional development tempo. Many of these projects are still ongoing and will extend into next year or so.

One of the things we try to do is to be more efficient, to raise awareness of the Landscape Architecture profession and to create a knowledge depository. Therefore we have renewed our website, transitioned into cloud-based solution (Eventbank) and have been ramping up our social media presence. There have been a bit of teething issues here and there, thus we would like to appeal for a bit more patience please and would like to thank our council members and volunteers who are spending their time and effort on it.

On this note on outreach, please feel free to send us information and photographs of your latest projects so that we can help publicise them on SILA’s social media platforms. You can also write an article, research paper or an opinion piece too. In fact, Npark CUGE’s Citygreen magazine is another platform in which we can have the opportunities for our works to be published for an extended outreach. Just have it sent through us. We will be glad to facilitate the handshake.

Amidst all the Christmas shopping, please remember to renew your membership and accreditation in this current renewal exercise for next year. I wish everyone a restful break and a wonderful time with your loved ones. I certainly am looking forward to spending time with my family. I am done travelling for the year, looking forward to do a bit more reading and catching some North-East monsoon sailing with my kids.

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