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#StoriesWithSILA Pt. II

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Capturing the joy, diversity, and passion behind the leading members of SILA. Get up close and personal with the 2021 Committee and learn everything there is to know about them from their favourite local dish to the one thing that they can never say no to!


Kenya Endo SILA Council Member

What inspired you to become an LA? Respect for nature and passion to work for the general well-being of the people.
  • Most influential person in your life? An anonymous person denied my work VISA to enter Germany and eventually, this led me to Singapore instead for the first time in 2011.

  • What is your favourite quote? Hang in there!

  • If there are no constraints, what would be your dream project in the industry? Designing something like the Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park! A new waterfront destination that integrates blue, green, and urban lives - especially in developing countries.

  • What is your favourite spot in Singapore to unwind and gain inspiration? After finishing open-water training at Tanjong Beach in Sentosa, viewing the sunset on a weekend, having a beer, lying down on the beach.


Mayura Anil Patil SILA Council Member

  • What is the one thing you won't be able to say no to? Food and a person - Kopi Si and Anna Yap!

  • What is the one thing that people don't know about you as a person? I am a certified mountaineer

  • What inspires you to be a Landscape Architect? Respect for nature and passion to work for the general well-being of the people.

  • One reason why a member should join the SILA Council? The SILA Council will give you a platform to channelize your perspective on working towards the betterment of the landscape profession.

  • What is your favourite spot to unwind or gain inspiration? Following any trail in one of the nature reserves.


Simon Morrison

SILA Council Member

Describe SILA in 3 words Youthful potential in transition!
  • What is your most used "Singlish" word? Haiya (swiftly followed by a (spousal) admonition to stop!!)

  • Who is the most influential person in your life? It didn’t take any time to think about this one, my wife!! Chief supporter, partner, confidante, local guide, translator, & critic (not always in that order).

  • What inspired you to become an LA? One person was Lawrence Halprin. That’s probably a name that many people may not know, but he was a pioneering Landscape Architect inspired by dance to create lyrical modern places for people to reconsider the natural environment. I was mesmerized by images of the Ira Keller Fountain and Lovejoy Park Portland, Oregon USA. Muscular and ephemeral, serious and engaging, a deeply romantic and personal design for people that reimagined unpromising urban sites. Captured in a book given to us as a family by an American Uncle and Auntie, this was long, long before I even knew what Landscape Architecture was.

  • What is your favorite Singaporean dish to recommend? Kway chap. No, really!! (flat rice sheets, soy braising liquid and braised meat, and offal such as pig’s intestines). Definitely not for everyone, and certainly not great for cholesterol, but you only live once?


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