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Heartbeat@Bedok is a luxuriant development located in a matured housing estate in Singapore. It is pioneer to housing multiple agencies managing different facilities from healthcare to recreation, and bring residents of different backgrounds together, improving social ties and cultivating community spirit.
The civic development is predicated on the increasing number of elderly within the area, with roughly 14-18 percent of residents in Bedok aged 65 and above. This prompted various designs and conveniences catered for active ageing.

In reverence to its historical park of dense landscapes and mature trees, the proposed design carries the same Forestry theme throughout the development, retaining the character of a community park. The verdure is practical, utilised as privacy and acoustic screens from the neighbouring residential units.

To create an environmentally progressive building for the tropical climate, passive environmental designs were implemented to promote wind flow, adopt high ceiling spaces, self-shading facades and cross ventilation. In fact, the extensive landscape area is irrigated using harvested rainwater, with sensors to reduce potable water use.

Greywater filtration systems, and wastewater management were integrated into the building’s extensive landscaping, resulting in an overall design that is not only environmentally efficient, but community driven.

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Civic & Institution


Civic & Institution


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