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Jinshuo Hotel & Resort



Jinshuo Hotel & Resort is a holistic marriage between nature and people that unfolds with a sense of mystery in a resort of luxurious beauty. Past and present meet in the utilization of materials such as rammed-earth walls to bring ancient Han culture into the design. An unexpected contemporary twist on historical architecture.

Guest journeys through the resort lit by lantern elements create a feeling of warmth, serenity and tranquillity. Water features are thus dappled with soft light generating a gentle glow. The pathways to tea and dining pavilions, to the lily pond, the boathouse or lake-front board walk are lushly framed pathways of landscaping. Lovely gardens and lookout points offer seclusion and meditation at one with nature. The natural palate of the interiors continues the earth and nature them seamlessly from the exterior. Floor to ceiling glass keeps guests connected to the environment and the beauty of the site.

Landscape Architect

WATG Singapore, Inc.

Property Type

Hotels & Resorts


Hotels & Resorts


Area (sqm)


Year Built


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