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Village, Outpost And Barracks Hotel



The overall landscape design was an integrative response to the site and architecture design, with its main derivation from the responsive design process that actively sought to engage with existing macro, micro site conditions and architectural massing. Through analysis and interpretations of existing site conditions, based primarily on the stratified topographical elements of site that respectfully retain the existing site and changing architectural elevations whilst generating new visual connections, spatial relationships and thus sensory experiences.

The Barracks was inspired by the Bawa-style gardens and sought to evoke the feelings of a bygone era colonial building at the edge of the rainforest. Meticulous selection of new trees and shrubs were further included within the overall planting palette to complement existing plant species. With the conserved matured trees as main anchoring nodes, integrated functional facilities of multifunctional decking, palm-lined “Parade Lawn” and water features further reinforces the symmetry and axis of the restored conserved buildings.

Meandering of green and blue curves resulted in the interwoven bands of varied scales, creating the tapestry of series of outdoor rooms defined by water bodies of swimming pools, ecoponds, reflective water features, deckings and communal social pods, all experienced within the lush setting of greenery.

Drawing inspiration from the Pamukkale white travertine terraces in Turkey, the Pamukkale Pool of wet decks of varying cascading depths culminates upon the main pool, with its infinity edge that opens out towards the panoramic horizon of the sky and sea. Amidst the archipelago islands of blue and green, Pool Bar, Horizon Deck and Sea View Deck are curated vantage points towards this picturesque horizon.

Landscape Architect

Coen Design International

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Hotels & Resorts


Hotels & Resorts


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